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Alternators, Batteries, Starter Motors and much more...



With extensive experience in the auto electrical field we are able to offer free advice on all faults or problems with your car, from basic starting and charging issues through to more complex engine management, air bag and anti lock braking systems. We have sound knowledge of all car systems backed up with extensive experience and should be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to a problem with your car. Having said that with over 64,000 different makes and models of vehicle registered on the roads in New Zealand (the most of any country in the world, including the USA) we are encountering new and different faults all the time!


This is where it can get a little bit tricky. With the advent of multiple electronic systems on cars (some cars now have over 30 onboard computers fitted) diagnosis is not the simple affair it once was.

Modis2With such a large variety of cars on the road it’s simply not possible to know every detail of every vehicle. Coupled with the number of systems we now often encounter the 2 or more faults scenario, where the symptoms presented by the vehicle can be attributable to 2 or more underlying conditions. Combined with an increase in the number of intermittent faults the challenges of getting accurate diagnosis are massive.

But never fear, while the majority of bright young people take the easy option and head to Uni for a Law or Accounting degree, there remain the talented few who rise to the challenge of fixing your modern day chariot! With the right training, equipment, information and attitude it is possible to conquer the problems that threaten to turn your pride and joy into a cursed bucket of bolts!

At Tower Auto Electrical we invest heavily in training our technicians.

We also invest in state of the art equipment and information packages to provide our technicians with the ability to solve complex jobs. After all there is no future for us if we cannot get your vehicle sorted. In the shortest possible time.


Often people call us or ring for a quote on a particular problem. Increasingly we find that the only time we are able to quote effectively is when we are pricing a part or an item such as a battery, where there is no ambivalence around what the customer wants.

With repairs that is not always possible. That is why we are not always able to quote on a repair job. We prefer to offer an estimate instead as there are often far to many variables to be able to accurately indicate a price without spending considerable time diagnosing the fault. It is not uncommon for us to spend 3 – 4 hours diagnosing a problem only to fix it using a $5 electronic component.

If you want to know what it could cost to fix a particular problem please call in, we are always available to advise a range of solutions without charging you. You will find us here.

If you are wanting a quote give us a call and we can discuss the cost with you.